Monday, May 10, 2010

"Happy" Mothers Day

Isn't Mothers Day suppose to go perfectly? Aren't your kids suppose to behave like little angels and make your day super-duper easy and wonderful? Isn't everything suppose to go smoothly and make Mom feel like a spoiled Goddess?

Well, can someone please tell my crazy boys that next year?;)
The day started with David surprising me with my favorite breakfast: and everything bagel with cream cheese from Einstein Bagels. YUM! I got to open my gifts, and frame with my babies hand prints and this thing that hooks to my iPhone so I can listen to the music on it through the radio.
Then it was time to get ready for church. Let the chaos begin. Maddox HATES to get dressed. He pitched a HUGE tantrum about it. Screaming, Crying, Kicking...had to go to corner....ran out of corner....had to go back, this happened several times. Right up until time for church. I was stressed. Of course I had to get a picture with my boys on Mothers Day. Cruz was game, Maddox...not so much.

At church we had to work in childcare, which is FINE. I don't mind volunteering, but after my crazy morning, I didn't want to be around any kids;).

When we left church we headed to Crabby's for brunch. Upon entering the hostess was EXTREMELY rude and immediately made it clear to leave if we did not have reservations. We didn't. We left. I was not happy.

Everywhere we called was booked. Kids were screaming in the backseat. I told David just to take me home. I went and got in bed. I needed a break!

David took the kids to Steak and Shake and brought some home for me. He felt bad I could tell. Poor guy, things weren't going as planned.

I had a pity party for a while and then decided to get up, get ready, called my mom, and we went out for some much needed retail therapy. That ALWAYS makes this Momma feel better! Plus, I never get to go shopping with my Mom, so it was nice to hang out with just her and no kids! (Plus I got the cutest pair of shoes).

When I got home, I went and changed. David had planned a little date night just for the two of us. At my FAVORITE, Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. JUST WHAT I NEEDED. We took the kids to my parents and had a great dinner. Perfect ending to a slightly crazy day!!!

But please don't get me wrong, I am super grateful! Love my babies! The day did end better than it started!

And I also want to tell my mom...thanks for being such a great mom. She is always there to listen. She is always there to help. My kids love her beyond measure. Thank you, Mom. I am so lucky!

Happy Mothers Day to my sister, Davids Mom, and all my girlfriends!! And of course, all you bloggers!


Rachel said...

Sorry - but I did laugh a couple times in your post =)!!! We should have talked more yesterday, we waited an hour and a half at Carrabbas and let me tell you the "Happy Mother's Day" went completely out the window!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Alissa said...

Oh in the life of a mommy. I feel your joy and your pain, boys can be a little tough on mommy! Happy be-lated Mother's day!!!

Jill said...

Don'tcha just hate when things go like that? I have had my share, that's for sure! I'm glad it ended on a good note, though. Happy Mother's Day...a day late. :-)

Tara Gibson said...

oh girl, sorry your day started so rough but glad it ended well! the hostess at carrabas was SUPER rude to us too!

on another note that color of pink/purple looks gorg on you!