Friday, May 14, 2010


  • Cruz is saying lots of words now: hot, mama, dada, cup, cookie, cupcake, snack, "all done", and poopoo (nice)

  • Speaking of, ahhem, "poo poo", Cruz LOVES to walk around the back yard and show us were all the dog has done his business. He goes to it, points, and says "poo poo!!!
  • Cruz is now running and can pretty much keep up with brother, Maddox.

  • Maddox says some funny stuff: "Mom, your not a mermaid??", "Mom, look at those big cities" (pointing to a big building), I asked maddox if I could have some of his snack, his reply "Mom, go on a diet!".

  • Its almost beach time! We go every tradition...thanks Dad! We are heading to Orange Beach next month and crossing our fingers for no oil! Isn't that oil spill just insane!!? So sad!

  • Look at my baby, Cruz last how they grow in a year!

  • And here is my lil guy Maddox crabbing last year at the beach.

  • Is anyone else keeping up with the Hills...isn't Spencer CRAZY!!! I feel bad for Hiedi's mom! And doesn't Hiedi look crazy after all those surgeries?

  • I made these cake pops. They were hard. I mean, hard to make. I'll never do it again. But they did turn out pretty cute:

  • Kirsten Blowers is back and working on my master bedroom...its gonna be awesome! So excited! Speaking of Kirsten...this post CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!

  • Oh, and check out this esty shop...Eclectic Whatnot. Its by Ruthanne, a girl I went to school with back in the day. I bought the CUTEST camera strap cover from her. No more getting camera's mixed up at parties! I can spot mine easy! Thanks Ruthanne! I got this one:

  • And while I'm in the mood for shout outs, I have one more thing to show. The cutest pillows I've ever seen. A girl I used to work with came up with the idea. I'm having a party for them at my house on the 25th (All NWA friends are welcome!). Sarah makes them out of oil cloth and chalk can write on them and personalize them for parties! ADORABLE!! Message me if you want more info!

  • I got my hair did Monday, its blonder. Its not really me. Not sure what to do. You can't really tell in this picture, but this is the best I could get:

  • How sweet is this???:

  • I babysat this lil stinker Saylor yesterday. She is gonna marry my Maddox one day...but here she is watching TV and eating goldfish with her future brother in law, Cruz:

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Jill said...

What an entertaining post! I love your hair! I don't think it's too blond. I think it's fine to go more blond for the summer. Love your new camera strap!...Love the cake pops~sooo cute! NEED those pillows for my front porch! Those are so cute and unique! Perfect for a front porch with "Welcome" written on it. And finally, I reeeeeeally want to see your bedroom when you get it done, so you have to show us, mmmmkay?

CaseyLew said...

You are hilarious! I can't believe Maddox told you to go on a diet, I almost fell out of my chair when I read that:)

Kelly Watson said...

Ok - you're going to Orange Beach next month?? So are we!!! First of June (5-12). When will you guys be there and where are you staying? Would LOVE to see you if we're there at the same time!

Stacey said...

Could you tell me where I can find/buy these super cute pillows? I found the link on another website I occassionally visit and then tried yours too, but have not found where I can find them. Thanks!