Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Weekend;)

Friday night was pretty perfect....we were planning to go out, but decided to stay home and grill at the last moment. It was so warm so I let the boys strip down and play in water. We filled up the water table and then the boys and I decided to play a trick on dad;)! The water table has several spouts that you can spray water out of. We decided to tell Daddy there was a surprise for him and he would have to get down close to see it..

Here's Cruz showing him where to put his face:
And right as planned Maddox squirted him in the face!!!
That was about the funniest thing Cruz had ever seen!!;)
Dad fell for it again and again....what a sport;)
It never got old;)
Saturday was soccer again for Maddox! I couldn't wait to see him since I missed last week!! Here's Maddox and his buddy nikko:
We ran into our other buddy Harry before the game. They got into a serious convo about soccer;)
About 2 minutes into practice he needed a water break:/
Then it was time to play the other team! Big talk from Coach:
Kicking the ball back in!
Learning to tell the other team "good game!"
Time for snacks!!
I love this boy....well, I love all my boys!!
After soccer I had a tennis match...Marcy and I won and it felt soooooo good!!! Later that afternoon I was still on a high from watching soccer and winning my tennis match. We decided to call a babysitter so we could go out for a much needed date night, it had been a while!! The kids had so much fun with their babysitter Katie!! And we enjoyed a nice dinner on the patio at Basils! Pretty much the perfect weekend!! - Posted using BlogPress from my SUPER FAB iPad


Jill said...

That sounds like a great weekend! I love the look on Cruz's face as his daddy gets sprayed in the face over and over! LOL!!! And YAY for a date-night and winning your tennis match!

Mandy Bean said...

The little girl in the pink shorts is my niece! (My sister's little girl)

Jill said...

P.S. I think it's time for you to do a recipe blog post. :-) I saw all those goodies you made at your party on Ashley's blog. Hello!....Um....YUMMY looking!!!

Kimberley said...

great pics at the water table!! :)