Thursday, September 30, 2010

YES!!! MESSY!!!!

I guess I should have known that while I was talking away to my bestie who lives in Texas and my kids were being all too quiet, that SOMETHING must be going on. I just enjoyed the moment and the quiet time and figured whatever they were up to, I would just clean up when I hung up the phone.

Well, they were up to something...Shaving Cream!!!At least they kept it in the shower!! When I walked in I said "did you make a mess??" Cruz replied, "YES!! MESSY!!!!"
And Cruz has been super fussy today, so to me, I'm just happy he found something to take his mind off crying!Maddox tried to clean up with a squeegie...Oh brothers, look how happy they are!! _____________________________________________
On another note, Cruz went in for his 18 month check up yesterday....well, really he went in because I thought he had an ear infection. He had been pulling at his ear saying "hurts". His ears looked fine and we came to the conclusion that it did look a little swollen on the outside and maybe he had gotten hit in the head by Maddox. Glad I paid a dr. to figure that out;/.
Anyways, while I was there I asked her about getting his 18 month shots...since he is now 22 months (those poor second kids don't get the same top notch treatment!!:)!!). She said she would go ahead and do his well baby while I was there. He got 4 shots (which is why I think he is so whiny today).
He weighs in at 23 pounds. He is in the 6% for weight and the 50% for height. Long and skinny!! She wants us to try and get him to gain some weight. We've been trying his whole life..."he's just a lil guy!" (I put this in quotations because I say this phrase to my friends and family a lot about Cruz. And I usually say it in a funny voice. Anyways...)
He says more words than most his age. More than 20 easily. He is right on track for everything. Yay Cruz!! We love you lil guy!!!

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Jill said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh girl, you are so lucky they kept that in the shower!