Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Ready For....

MUMS, I'm dying to get out and plant my mums! My summer potted plants have seen better days and are ready to be replaced with these Fall beauties!
I'm ready for this Saturdays Razorback game!! It's the first game of the year! Wooooo Pig Sooie!!!!!!I found this picture on the Internet....It looks like it is taken EXACTLY from where we sit!!! I'm ready to get my Fall candle. I love Tyler Candles, in fact, it is the ONLY brand I will buy. I'm a very brand loyal person. When I find something I love, I will always go back for more. Tyley Candles smell the house up SO good!!! Love them. I think I'm going to pick a Spiced Pumpkin one this weekend!

I'm ready for jeans! I'm debating about following the new trend of jeggings. I've switched with the skinny jean trend, but jeggings are a whole different ball game. Have you guys tried these suckers on??? TIGHT. You need to be a stick. I am not. BUT, I think they would fit nicely into your boots!

And I just purchased the most AWESOME pair of boots I have ever owned. Ever. Ever. Seriously.
I heart them.
I will wear them every day if I can.
They are super duper tall over the knee boots (a la Kim Kardashian). Here is a picture of a similar boot. I couldn't find mine online but I bought them at Warrens (if your local they have tons!).

I know, I know, ankle boots are in too, trust me...I have those covered. But these babies are my FAVES!!!!!!!
And in case you've been living under a rock today...happy 90210 day....9-02-10!!!


Jill said...

I'm SO ready for fall mums too! Goodbye crispy petunias! I've never heard of a Tyler candle, but I looked and they sell them online, so I might have to spring for one and try it!, ya...I'm worried about that trend. And if I don't stop sucking down candy like a vacuum cleaner, then those jeggings are really not going to be my friend! :-) Those boots are totally kick a$$!

Jill said...

Oh, P.S., I tried your crockpot recipe with the italian seasoning. SO. FREAKING. GOOD! And so easy!

Kimberley said...

i wonder if my 5'2" frame could work those boots? LOL! They would probably hit my thigh. :)

The Bertram's said...

I am a Tyler candle loyalist as well! They are the best. Also, we need some more recipes! I made the Italian seasoning one and it was a huge hit. Ava loved it! So if you could give us some more of your go to recipes that would be great! Hope to see you soon,

CaseyLew said...

Girl I got my Tyler candle Pumpkin spice too and I am in love!!!! I love Fall!