Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Paci, Or Not to Paci

That is the question around this house!

Since Maddox was this little newborn baby, he has loved the "Soothie" paci. Or..."taci" as he likes to call it.

Its something that I have thought about for 2 1/2 years. Always making sure to never forget it. Always making sure it was attached to some sort of clothing so it did not get dirty or lost....heaven forbid!!

He loved it then...

He loved it then....He loved it THEN....And he loves it now.

I say all of this because last weekend the boys stayed at my mom and dads. And for the first time in Maddox's life....he did not have a taci. Not one. I woke up at 3 am and remembered that I did not leave one at their house. I was so stressed thinking all through the night that he must be miserable. He must crying. He must wonder where it is.

I immediately called the next morning. To my surprise, Maddox had not asked for it ONCE. Never even mentioned the word. Slept the whole night. Was totally fine.

Okay, we thought, this must be it. Its time. Get rid of them so that he never sees one again.

Brought him home. Laid him down for a nap.

First words, "Where's my taci?".

Mine, "They've gone bye-bye.".

Maddox (in complete panic), "But where are they, I want my taci".

Me (trying not to cave), "They're bye-bye, have a good nap".

I bolted.

He cried...for 30 minutes.

Then finally, quiet.

Maybe this is gonna work.

Then, more crying.

Then, Momma caves...I give him all six of his taci's and he is so appreciative and relieved.

So am I...I'm such a softie.

So I'm just curious....how old do you think is too old. And any good suggestions of how to get rid of the taci are completely welcome.

For now we have told him, "When your 3 the taci fairy comes and takes all your taci's, but you'll get a big prize left in return....". Ridiculous, I know...


Amanda Rooney said...

This will probably sound a bit crazy, but it WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!

None of my other children were attached to the paci like Ethan (#4), but he L-O-V-E-D it!! However, over the summer I knew he would begin pre-school in September, so I decided it was time. I started clipping the ends. Just ever so slightly initially. And then a little more every couple of days. And after a week or so, he threw it down one day....and never picked it up again. He thought it was "broken"!! LOL!

Hope this helps....

Mandy Bean said...

Well, I just took them all away and listened to them cry. :) BUT, all of the books I read said it's best to have the kids make the decision. Like tell him if he'll throw his tacis away then you'll buy him something big that he's really been wanting. A friend of mine let her son pick it out, took it home, and he had to throw them away before they'd open the box. Another friend had her kids tie them to balloons and send them off in the air! Supposedly it's easier if it's the child's decision instead of yours, though. Good luck! Anxious to see how it goes!

Traci Fritz said...

Ava was more attached to hers that Anderson was. With both of them, we quit cold turkey. I tried clipping the ends with ava, but she would still keep it in her mouth. Ava cried herself to sleep the first night and then it was never an issue after that. Every kid is different, so I hope you find the way that works for Maddox! Good luck!

Jill said...

I HAD to comment on this post because my middle son (now 6) was completely obsessed with his fu-fu. Right after his 3rd birthday, we started clipping little tiny holes in all of them. I didn't leave a single pacifier in tact. Let him see that they're all broken. (You might tell him the dishwasher broke them, or whatever.) Then, keep making the holes a little bigger and a little bigger. Eventually, they'll be too broken to use. When that happened, I told him that I was finally throwing them away because they're too broken to use, and surprisingly, he was ok with that. Good luck!