Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I just know this is going to be the next entry into Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

Bootandles: a phrase coined by my brother in law mark, referring to the latest pair of shoes I bought at DSW while visiting Little Rock.

I love them.

Its a boot.....
Its a sandal...
Its a "Bootandal"!!

Mark is the funniest!

And here is a picture of my new "Bootandals".

So what do you them?, hate them?...I'm curious. However, I will wear them relentlessly no matter what you say:)!! I heart bootandals. Period.


The Bertram's said...

I love them, and would totally wear them!!! I might have to get myself a pair of bootandals! You and your long skinny legs will look great in them!

Tara Gibson said...

those are adorable and you will so rock them! : )

The Bells said...

you will look fabulous in them. i, however, am definitely not cool enough to wear them.