Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I know its March, BUUUUT.... it too late to talk February?? Cause I think I missed some stuff!

Like, the SUPER BOWL! Where have I been?? We had a super bowl party at our house with the Porters, Browns, Wynn's, and Hutchinsons....and ALL of our kids. It was crazy fun, not sure I even caught a glimpse of the game!

Here is Heather, Me, and Michelle ( I need her shirt, it says "He Hunts, I Shop!"

Sweet babies, Maddox and Sadie:

These sammies are the best...baked ham and cheese....and TWO sticks of butter melted on top..I about have a heart attack just thinking about the wonderfulness....

Here are all the girls....Amber, Heather, Michelle, me, and Rachel

And here is the best babysitter around. Rachel's lil girl Claire always plays so good with Cruz. I never have to worry about him when she is around! She is like a little teenager! Love her!

I also forgot to finish Valentines Day posts. Here is the breakfast in bed we made for Daddy...

And here is his handmade card:

This is all the presents for the boys. They both got pajamas. Maddox also got a play dough set and Cruz got a big play gumball machine:
And what would Valentines Day be with out a little brotherly l-o-v-e???


Rachel said...

Sweet pictures!!! I think Claire loves Cruz more than her own brother =)!!!!

CaseyLew said...

Hey, I have that plate too! Haven't used it yet, but I think it is too cute! Oh and I think you so need a shirt like that! Shopping may not take as long but it costs just as much...ha!

Alissa said...

Sweet brothers!!!