Friday, March 19, 2010


So I just finished week 2 of getting up every morning Monday-Friday at 5am and enduring a 45 minute, kick you in the you know what, boot camp work out....

Yay for me....

Now, next week is off for spring break, then we'll be back for 2 more weeks.

I'm hoping to get into this new juicy swimsuit I just bought (shhhhh, don't tell David!!):

(except mine is baby pink)

Yes, I bought it feeling fat...just hoping boot camp will turn that around.
And can I just say, for us moms, thank GOODNESS they are making one pieces so stinkin cute! Obviously I would rather have a bikini bod, but until then, I'm lovin the new styles of swimwear. Covers you up, but not to "momm-y".


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Jill said...

Well, you are waaaaay more woman than I am! That is just incredible! I would love to be that motivated. 5am ~ Sheesh! That is a really cute bathing suit! I'm so glad there's some cute tummy-cover-upper suits right now. I think my bikini days are over. :-(