Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Maddox!!!!

I can't believe I am the mom of a FOUR year old! I know that may sound crazy to those of you with older kids, but FOUR?!?!? It just seems "old"....we are getting close to Kindergarten age! Can we rewind please!!? I don't want my babies to grow up! I tell them that all the time! I want to freeze them and keep them with me forever! Ha!

Here's a look back at Maddox on his birthday over the last 4 years:

Happy 1st Birthday!!! We had a "cupcake" themed party!Happy 2nd Birthday!! At two he was all about trains! We had a train party on a real train! This picture is funny to me cause I can tell he was still on the paci! His little teeth used to be shaped around that thing!Arg, Happy 3rd Birthday!!! What a cute Pirate!Look how big he is!!! Happy 4th Birthday Maddox!!! (I will post on the party later).

Dear Maddox,

I am so proud to be your Mommy! I have so much fun with you everyday! We always stay so busy, as soon as you wake up EVERY morning you say, "where are we going today??". We have to go and do all the time! You have lots of good little friends, and it is so cute to me! You are such a good big brother to Cruzy. He looks up to you and imitates everything you do! You are also such a good son! I love when you crawl in my lap to watch TV. I sneek as many hugs and squeezes I can in those rare moments that you let me! I love when you let me give you kisses....especially when you don't wipe them off!! Ha!! You are so smart with out even trying. I love you so much. I honestly cherish every single second with you! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!!



kimmie said...

Happy Birthday Maddox!!! I know you can't believe he is 4....that seems like such a big boy!!! I will be so sad too when my Maddox turns 4...but at least every stage is so much fun!!!! His birhtday pictures are too cute...did you do blog post on them? I would love to see all the details!!

Kimberley said...

Happy 4th Birthday Maddox!! I don't like them getting older either :(