Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Home Work"

My house is such a disaster right now! Maddox and Cruz are in the midst of getting a big boy room. I had been planning to do a cool surfer room with surfboards on the wall and Hawaiian print fabrics....but I couldn't brainwash them into agreeing with me. Soooooo, I decided to go with their choice, Razorback Football room. Not my first choice, but once I got to thinking about what I could do, I got excited! Plus, I figure they will like this room longer than they would a surfer room mom picked out!

I had been meaning to get pictures of the room before, but before I could David had already cleared out the furniture for the painters who came today. When I walked in that empty "nursery" FIRST baby room, I got sad. Cribs, changing table, all of it...gone. Talk about a milestone. :(

So I snapped some pics of the cleared out room.....

Empty bathroom.....

Empty baby room with some letters still above where Maddox's crib once was....

All of it moved (crammed) into our guest bedroom....tear:'''(

Okay, gotta lighten this post up!! On to the FUN NEW stuff! I used Pinterest to post all my ideas, then when David gave me the go ahead, I went back and ordered everything....

Land of Nod for bedding. I ordered the quilts and shams. Razorback colors.

I didn't want an ugly Razorback comforter, so I got them the sheets instead. They got SO excited when I brought these home (from WalMart!!)

Here is the bunk beds we ordered. I think the website was called some thing like Super original! I got stairs instead of a ladder...just thought that was extra storage!

Look at this fun light! Ordered this from Sweet Retreats Kids. Online. I had to get rid of our ceiling fan because Cruz wants to sleep on the top bunk, mainly because he said he wanted to touch the fan. YIKES! Bu-bye fan!

I also ordered this from Sweet Retreats Kids. It will be personalized with our last name and the number 2. I picked 2 because two kids share the room....:)

Just got this today and I'm in love...and I think the hubby loves it even MORE. This is really big and will hang above the dresser. I bought it from some football fan site...can't remember the name!

I'm having the walls and trim painted this two weeks I have a girl coming to paint the fight song around the top border of the walls. I will post pics when all is said and done! Yay! I still need to order some bean bags for a reading corner and I would LOVE to find some red lockers for a little wall in the room. Oh, and my mom is sewing a shower curtain too...Giant red and White stripes:)!

I also got into Fall is the door...same as last year:)

I put these cute candy corns in all my pots. Found them at Joanns!

Happy Fall Y'all!!! Hope you are having a great week!
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Kimberley said...

love the bunkbed!!! can't wait to see it all put together!

Jill said...

Holy Razorbacks! That's gonna be an awesome room! Can't wait to see the finished product, so you have to remember to show us! :-) Your front door looks adorable! I bet people rubber-neck as they drive by your house trying to check out your cute decorations.

kimmie said...

That is going to be a great boy room!!! It is sad though...the transition. I dread that day in a way. I LOVE your porch!! So pretty!