Sunday, April 26, 2009

Race for the Cure

Saturday was the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure here in NWA. They held it in Rogers this yeas at the Promenade. We participated in the Family Walk/Run with the Kitchen Queens Team! So much fun! We went as a family of six...David, me, Maddox, Cruz, and my friend Amber was doing the run so we had Jefferson and Sadie with us. They were so easy to bring along...and of course Maddox LOVED having them around!!
Sadie did NOT want to take a picture:)

David, Jefferson, Maddox, and a sleepy Cruz:

The Kitchen Queens

After the race we walked around the mall and got lots of free food (yum!) and let the kids play. Maddox got to play in two bounce houses. One was a regular house, but he was by far the littlest one in it. We were nervous for him, but he has no fear and kept up with the bigger kids. The other was for a little bigger aged kid, but of course Madd had to go, so Jefferson helped him through sweet!

And Maddox got to ride the new train they have at the mall. So cute!
And yes, David had to squeeze in that little caboose with him..ha!


Rachel said...

We are so glad yall came!! Those last few pics of David are HILARIOUS!!

Ruthanne said...

Fun, fun, fun! Great pictures, too. ;D

What lens did you get with your camera?

Tara Gibson said...

had such a great time! So glad you and your family came!

The Bells said...

I'm cracking up at David in that little train!