Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun stuff this week:

This past Tuesday, the boys and I met my friend Amanda and her little girl Neely for a play date at Different Strokes. We thought the kids would have so much fun painting pottery. We met there since I have 2 car seats and it makes it hard to put in a 3rd. When I arrived at 10am, the whole store was dark. Obviously the workers were running late. When Amanda and Neely arrived, the store was still dark. We decided to sit on a bench and let the kids play until someone arrived. Here is a play by play:
10:15: Taught Maddox to share his ball with Neely...thank God I let him bring it. We needed some entertainment!
10:25: We decided to take some pictures of Maddox and Neely:

10:30: They decided to hug...sweet!

10:31: Hugs moved to kisses....adorable!

10:45: Where the heck is the owner!! Did I mention a WHOLE school bus pulled up for a field trip to paint pottery and no one was there to let them in!! They ended up leaving!!

10:55: We leave for McAllisters to eat lunch...we'll try back after lunch! Ugh! Thank goodness the kids still had fun playing!

When we return, someone is there...turns out the girl who was suppose to open was sick...hmmmm, wonder if she got fired....they missed a TON of business not opening on time!

I can't show you everything that was made (shhhh, its a surprise)....BUT, here is a little something I had the boys make for me for Mother's Day. Its Cruz's feet and Maddox's hand. I am having the store paint the rest for me since I'm not "arty". It will be a flower and it will say around the edge "A Flower for You so sweet, Maddox painted his hand, Cruz painted his feet!!" I'll show a finished product when i get it!

Today was the last day of Kindermusik, so I brought along my camera to get a few pics. Maddox has really enjoyed this class and has learned SO much from it. I highly recommend it to anyone with toddlers and/or preschoolers.
Here is Maddox at story time. He just can't stay on his bottom and always blocks the view for the other kids!

And here he is running to see me for whatever reason, I don't know. ADD? :)

The kids all love to help put of the story cute!

And here is Maddox getting his stamp before we leave.

Its been so much fun...we will miss going!

The highlight of my day today, however, was the warehouse sale of Signed, Sealed, Delivered!! Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE THIS STORE!!!!! It is so my weakness. So anyways, everything in the warehouse was 75% off!!!!!!! Heaven! I got Christmas ribbons, Christmas mesh for my garlands, invitations I don't yet know when I'll use!, platters, and my fave (pictured below) were these adorable lady bugs. I had been eyeing these in the store. I bought a wreath here last summer that had a ladybug in it and I wanted the other "bugs" to put in the topiary's on either side of my door. They were regular $25 a piece....I got them for $6...woo-hoo. Here is my wreath and ladybugs...we are ready for summer!


Rachel said...

Those pictures were sweet!! I love the platter, what a great idea!!

OMG - I totally forgot about the WHS sale!!!!!!!!!

Amanda (McNeely) Vestal said...

I got some mesh and other Christmas stuff. I wish they would have had the ladybugs when I got there--I guess it pays to get up early!

Kelly Watson said...

You know the crazy thing about this post?? I just called Different Strokes TODAY! I'm having them paint a plate similar to yours for my soon-to-be sis in law. She lives in Bella Vista and got us one for our wedding gift. I love it so much, I'm giving them one for their wedding! I do hate that about not opening on time, though. :(

The pictures are precious, by the way!

Ruthanne said...

Those are adorable pictures of Maddox and Neely. Very cute!

And your ladybugs are awesome too! :D

We have the same lens! Honestly, I would be way too embarassed to write a tutorial on digital photography. About 1/2 of my bloggy friends are into photography/photo editing and are much more advanced than I am.

I will tell you that I use Light Room 2 (and love it) and Photoshop CS4. I'm taking classes on-line at and learning a ton! I'm also saving up for two more lenses. :D

Tara Gibson said...

those pictures are sweet. lovin the red hair : )

the platter is so cute!

Michelle said...

Too cute! I love Maddox's yankees shirt! I am HUGE NY Yankee fan!

That store sounds really neat and I love the lady bugs!