Thursday, October 22, 2009

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom

I've had a hard time finding something to blog about the past few days. Life around here has not exactly been kids are both in terrible "phases". Having two boys so young is really taking a toll on me lately.

Cruz is teething...which means, he follows me around constantly crying, only stopping if I will pick him up.

Maddox is in full swing of the TERRIBLE TWO'S!!!! Whining, tantrums, crying, whining, crying, more tantrums, 'mommy, mommy, mommy'...

This combination at the same time is so hard.

The only peace I get is at this very moment, when they are both napping!

But soon, I'll here "Mommy!!!" and it'll be time to get them up....and then it all starts again.

I love my babies, I thank God for my husband and parents who are so willing to always help out. But life....its hard! Anyone who says being a stay at home mom is not a 'real' job...ha! I go crazier now than when I taught a class of 30 junior high kids!

But, I do love my babies.....and all the craziness....I do love being a stay at home mom!


Brandi said...

There are days when I feel the exact same way!!!!!!! Have a glass of wine, makes it all better!!!

Ruthanne said...

I hear ya!

Pour yourself a glass of wine after they go to bed tonight and put your feet up. It always makes me feel better. :D

Amanda Rooney said...

I am with you, sister!!! However, now that my oldest is 10 I can honestly say that those days of little voices asking for "mommy" becomes a tween saying, "Mom" goes by so very quickly.

My only advice is to try and take it in stride. We all love to be on time, every hair in place, our children in ironed coordinating outfits, and our homes cleaned when we leave. But sometimes our expectations and demands on ourselves are too high. You gotta focus on the important things....Jesus, our husbands, and our children.

Hope you get a lovely relaxing bubble bath tonight!!

Ashley said...

Girl, I am with you- AMEN! I am like that too with Ave right now. She sleeps only for 30 mintues during naps and is also teething so it's hard! She is just fussy! but, when times are good, they are good! So it's nice to have friends that understand so we can just relax and VENT (like lunch at your house the other day!) ... Love you honey!