Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swim Lessons

Maddox was in his second year of swim lessons this year. He takes private lessons with Miss Courtney and her sister Emily. They teach all day in their parents backyard. They are so great with the boys. Cruz took for the first time this year. Maddox really advanced this year: jumping in deep end, swimming freestyle, learning to breathe.... I was impressed.

Cruz on the other hand was a little toot!! He wasn't very good at listening to his teacher and would yell "NO!!!!" when he didn't want to do something. EMBARRASSING!!! She was so patient. I had to start leaving during the lessons because it stressed me out so bad to watch him act like that!!! :/. Well, one day I came back and they figured out a way to get him to swim, they put their dog Roxie in the water and had Cruz race her. So funny!! Whatever works.....;)

Thanks Miss Courtney and Emily!!!

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