Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial day!!

We spent time at the lake, pool, and with friends the entire weekend! It was so busy, but totally in a good way! I have to admit, I finally crashed last night by 9 o'clock! Seems like we started celebrating Memorial Day on Thursday night!:/

I took most of my pics yesterday when we hit the lake with the Wares! You will notice the wTer is ssssuuupppeeeerrrr brown! We have had lots of flooding and it has churned up the lake water big time. Boo!! Didn't spoil ou van though!

Maddox and best friend Harry:

Cruz wouldn't smile for me:(

Ready to roll!!

Me and Amanda

Feeding the fish and ducks at the marina ** (thanks for all who helped me spell check this line!! Oooooopsy!! DUCKS!)

Georgia Kelly loved the boat ride!!

Me, Maddox,Amanda, Harry tubing!!

Chad and Amanda:

4sleepy kids on the ride back to the dock;). That's Maddox under the blanket;)

We love the wares!!!!!

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Kimberley said...

LOL, i am laughing so hard because i guess spell check didn't catch a word. :) see it?

p.s. looks like a fun time on the lake!!

Jill said...

Dude....hahahaha!!!!....What were you feeding? Lol! :-D

Ashley said...

These pictures are precious!!!! The boys (& GK) all look adorable, and you and sweet Amanda too of course! Love you girls THIS MUCH!

amywelborn said...

Whooops!!!!!!!! Haha!!!!!!