Saturday, May 14, 2011

iPhone Picture Time!

Just like everyone, some of the best pics are on my phone. I share them on facebook, but time to update the blog with them too!

The picture below may be one of my all-time faves!!! Maddoxs new trick is crossing his eyes:

Out with friends to celebrate Ashleys birthday. It was right after the royal wedding, so we took pics in crowns!

Look how photogenic my kids are!!!! Lol!!

Me and David;)

iPad is fixed!!!!!

On the way to Tulsa Maddox decided to take pics while playing with my phone. The view from his seat:

A picture of a picture:

Poor Maddox had to get two cavities filled. He was so brave!!!! The barely cried during the shots. But it still broke my heart:(.

Here he is with all the gear on: (kinda funny)

Afterwards I told him we would get a new toy since he was so brave. He had the choice of target, or Dilly Dallys(a local toy boutique). Of course my kid chose Target!!! Haha!!! We got a new shield and sword.....and a icee!!!

Happy Friday!!!!

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