Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More from Texas

I'm just doing a quick post to sum up the rest of our trip....I have a million photos...but I'm quickly sorting through and posting a few. Its almost Thanksgiving and I've got to catch up before these Holidays do!:)

We stayed busy on our trip! Never a dull moment. Our first day there we loaded up and took the kids to the childrens museum...it was a BLAST!
I loved this picture below. Mostly becuase of what Cruz was doing. You see, he has a bit of what we call "little man syndrome". He's almost 2, and in the 6% for size...so it's fair to say he's a lil guy. But he is also a scrapper and not scared to boss kids around.
In this picture he is sitting in a dinosaur footprint. He has been sitting in it forever. He would not let anyone else get in it. Even these older girls who he didn't even know!! He was being so bossy!! "NO, NO, NO" he would say!! He is so fiesty!

But he stilll knows how to treat a lady:).

At night Maddox and Jefferson would play football for hours!!

Saturday morning we got to go cheer on Jefferson at his little league game! He won!!

Thanks, Hutchinson for a great time!! We love y'all!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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