Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Halloween!!

We went to church Sunday morning. I didn't want to miss, sadly, it was mostly because I wanted to dress Cruz in this super cute outfit!! Haha!! I love this little John-John!
Here's my other lil man, Maddox, before church! Goofy smile, of course. When will he get photogenic???We had my mom and Davids' mom over for dinner. Earlier in the week we had gone to a Halloween play date and I brought these adorable Hot Dog Mummies. They are super easy to make and so stinkin cute. My kids loved them so I made them again for Halloween dinner. It's just a hot dog wrapped in Pillsbury breadsticks!! Bake them up and dot on mustard for eyes!!All suited up and ready to head out for Trick or Treating. I left that pumpkin full of candy with a note to take one or two. I didn't want to seem unfestive and not hand out candy, so since we were all gone taking pictures and watching our boys, I just put it all out. Of course, when I came home it was completely empty..... hmmmmm, wonder if someone dumped it in a pillow case....;)And he's off!!!!!HOw cute is my "Very Hungry Caterpillar"??So excited!This house was decorated a little on the scary side. I was shocked, but the boys walked right up and said "TRICK OR TREAT!!!"Cruz totally got the hang of it this year!Checking out the goods once we got back home:

Happy Halloween!!

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Jill said...

Oh my goodness...Cruz in that caterpiller costume is the cutest thing ever!!! I think Maddox is already photogenic. He's just too busy to stop for a picture. :-)