Monday, November 1, 2010

Tennis and Pumpkin Carving

Maddox started tennis lessons last Monday. So cute!! He loves it!! He has the same tennis instructor as I do.

Here is Maddox and his friend Nikko before lessons: Sorry about the glare, I was sitting above the courts taking photos through the glass...
Balancing balls on their rackets:

Water break!!!!

Maddox is at the top of the photo hitting the ball over:

Last Tuesday we carved pumpkins:

My kitchen was a mess! While we were carving pumpkins I was making treats for Maddox's and Cruz's school parties!!

Daddy trying to fix the pumpkins eye he accidentally cut off! Ha!

Our Pumpkins:

Oh, and remember the banners I told you about that we made with the kids hand prints? Here is the finished product:

How cute is that!!? The Santa was made out of Cruz's hand. The foot was made out of Maddox's foot!! Love it!

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Sara Bell said...

I love love the banner! And you are to cute with all your baking! Haha I love it! OH and like your new blog design!