Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Catching Up...

From last weekend....and I'm STILL not to the trick or treating part!!

Last Friday our neighborhood had haunted houses set up at the club and hayrides going about the nieghborhood. We went up with a ton of friends and had dinner before the festivities. It was a mad house!

One room had a little winding tunnel for the little kids. It wasn't scary, just dark with lights. Very cute.

The hayride is something we have done every year. It has never been scary, just a fun little ride that usually last about 20 minutes.

This year I guess they decided to change it up a bit. Let's just say we went off the beaten path to the undeveloped part of the neighborhood, saw a coffin, from which a man jumped out with a chainsaw!! And that was just the beginning!!! Maddox pulled his little hood over his eyes and never looked up again. I (the horrible mother that I am) could not stop laughing. I could not believe my little ones were being exposed to the craziness!! Cruz thought it was great!!! Next year we'll be sure to check ahead and make sure its not a haunted hayride!!After the haunted hayride the kids felt really "grown up" and decided they were brave enough to go into the 'big kid' haunted house on the other side of the club. (We warned the ghosts and goblins that little kids were coming through, so they toned it down).

Here is Maddox coming out telling me about all the "pretend scary stuff". He even told me about the spider webs, "they're just made of cotton, Mom!!"Saturday we headed to Fayetteville for our last time to tailgate and cheer on the Razorbacks! We will be missing the last home game! It was homecoming, which is always fun! We asked someone to take our picture on the way to the game, of course, "random guy" had to jump in. Stay tuned for next post...HALLOWEEN!!!

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Jill said...

LOL at the haunted hayride & the random guy inviting himself into your picture!