Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trucks and Crawfish...A Saturday in the South!

When I realized what I was about to write about...I realized just how "country" it sounded! We spent the day looking at trucks and then ate crawfish (a food entire parties are built around)!
So anywho, here is my sweet boy at the Touch a Truck fundraiser yesterday. I didn't get to walk around with the boys since I was working the event. (I was in charge of bounce houses...don't even get me started on that experience!) David had a is what we got:

This is Strike...the Naturals mascot..Maddox wasn't in love with him!

Here's my son in the back of a cop car...lets hope this is a once in a lifetime thing!

On to the crawfish....It was our friend Matt's 30th birthday party. Need I say, I only ate the side dishes...crawfish aren't my thing. But we had a good time! Happy Birthday Matt! (Side note...I'm the big 3-0 next month...ugh!)
This is Lindsey, me, and the hostess with the mostess...Michelle.

Dave, once again, eating mud bugs...

Me and Michelle
The Gals...Emily, Heather and Baby Eden, Me, Michelle, and Lindsey..

Now, I'm off to pack for Little Rock. Going to visit sis and her fam till Tuesday....BY MYSELF WITH THE BOYS...OH WOW, WHAT AM i THINKING??!! It's gonna be fun but lots o' work...till then....

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Tara Gibson said...

sounds like a great weekend!! you looked so cute!

have fun in lr!!