Thursday, May 7, 2009

Platters, Putters, Playdates, and Pumped

First of all, I picked up my PLATTER from Different Strokes. And, as promised, here is a picture of the finished product. I LOVE IT! Now I want one for every season with the boys hands and feet!!

Wow, it sure has been rainy around here! When the rain broke for a few hours the other day, David decided to get out of the house with Maddox and take him for his first ever golf game...a full 9 holes! Maddox had probably the best day of his life. He even had a real putter to play with. David said putting was the only part he was interested in!

When he got home all he kept saying was, "hole, Maddox, hole!" Meaning, "Maddox putt the ball in the hole". He would also say, "Dada, hole, GOLF!!". It was so funny listening to him try to explain what they sweet...what a cute Father/Son day!

Of course we have pictures:

Here are the boys coming up on the 4th hole right behind the house.

And here is David and Maddox with his PUTTER:

Maddox with his club! So much fun!

This morning the boys were so cute playing outside, I decided to go get the camera and play around with some pictures.


This is at the park at our PLAYDATE with the Hutchinson girls and the Hampton girls. I swear, I'm the only one who has had boys!!! Didn't get any pictures with the girls:(.

Last but not least, I am PUMPED we have decided to finally decorate the game room. Kirsten Blowers is doing the room for me (she is from the store I mentioned before, Rifraff, where I bought the zebra table), and let me tell you, this girl is good. I love what she has come up with and can't wait for it to all be done. Think green walls, orange ceiling, fun fabric, and modern furniture...can't wait! Oh, I get happy just thinking about it! Here is a sneak peek of the fabric:

OH, and Happy Birthday to my girl, Mandy!


Ruthanne said...

The platter turned out so cute!

Love the fabric. So, is she just coming up with the decorating concepts and then you're going to do the legwork or does she do all of it? So cool!

amywelborn said...

She is coming up with all of it, I'll do the shopping, then she'll put it all together for me. She told me everything I need! I'll do before and after pics when its all done:)

Rachel said...

I cannot wait to see the finished game room - I LOVE THE FABRICS!! I have seen some of her work and she is awesome!!

Cute pictures of the game room!

Cole Family said...

WOW I love that platter! What a keepsake! Can't wait to see those before and after pics of your game room! The fabric is so fun!