Friday, May 8, 2009

Good News!

Cruz finally got in with the pulmanologist with Childrens Hospital! So happy for this...June 15th. Hopefully this appointment will give us the answers we are looking for!!


Rachel said...

Great news!! We will keep yall in our prayers!!!

Amanda said...

I love Children's--I know they will be a huge help!

Love the platter, and thanks for coming to visit me at B&C!

And I think maybe you joined JL the year I was on my way out...I kept thinking at KQ that you were so familiar...that must be why!

Happy Mothers Day!

The Bertram's said...

Amy - I am so happy for you guys. I have been keeping up with sweet cruz on your blog - bless his (and your) heart. Hopefully this will be just what you all need. We still need to do lunch sometime!

Michelle said...

So glad he got it! We are praying!!

Bridget said...

Great news!