Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Carvin'

Tonight we decided to carve a couple of pumpkins and let Maddox help clean out the seeds and slime. He was in heaven playing with the insides of the pumpkin. He also loved taking the top off and then putting it back on...over, and over, and over again! Below is a video of Madd helping scoop out the "stuff". He is totally mimicking what he saw us doing, but notice, there is never a thing on the scoop! (PS. People always ask if I understand what he is saying...NO, it is totally his own language! :) )

Here are a few pics as well....

We also made caramel apples, this kept Maddox busy for a good 30 minutes!

On another note, we had an ultrasound this week and got THE most amazing 3D pics I have EVER seen! I did not get a CD, so I am going to have to scan the pics to get them on here. I really am going to try to get that done because I would love to share the pics! You can tell what he looks like and we even got a smiling picture of Cruz!

We have a busy weekend...Friday, neighborhood hay ride and pasta dinner...Saturday, day trip to Little Rock for cousin Margaux's "unicorn" party....Sunday, throwing another shower at my house for my good friend Heather. We'll have lots of pics to post after all the events. We are very much looking forward to the unicorn party. Only those that know my niece can truly understand how funny this theme is. She has been wanting a unicorn party ALL year... literally. It should be hilarious!


Anonymous said...

How fun! Messy - but fun. And I KNOW messy - with four boys . . . Oh. My.

Alissa said...

I love ya'lls conversation on the video, he is TOO much!!!

Rachel said...

OMG, Amy that is too precious! They have their own little language don't they? I love the end of the video when he's about to put the scoop in his mouth!!