Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Catch Up

Hi everybody...both the boys are currently napping at the same time (hooray!), so I thought I would do a little blogging:).

We had somewhat of a busy weekend. Saturday I was hosting a shower at my house for my friend, Serenity, so Friday night was spent cleaning and cooking. One good thing about hosting something at your house is that you have to get it super clean and looking good. It was so nice to see my house picked up and spotless...its been a while:).

I hosted the shower with friends Tricia and Alyssa. Here is a picture of the hostesses and Serenity before the shower. (My apologies to Serenity for posting a picture...I know you don't feel your best 9 months preggo, but you look great!).

Saturday afternoon Michelle and I went shopping around Fayetteville. We only went to stores we had never been to before...super fun! One store we went to was Riffraff. Its only been open a month and Michelle had heard about it from a friend. They have the cutest painted furniture and canvases. Great prices and everything is made local. I bought the cutest table to put upstairs in my landing area. (Kim, wouldn't Mrs. Karen love this??!)

Sunday I helped at church with child care and then spent the day at home with the boys while David played golf with his friend, Chris. I decided I was not going to clean or do laundry, but instead, sit on the couch, hold my babies, and totally vegge out:)! It felt so good:).

This morning I tried out the new jogging stroller I got. I LOVE IT!! I ordered it off Amazon (which is where I have purchased all of my stollers recently...great prices, free shipping!). The boys loved it too. They got to sit side by side and I reclined Cruz's seat pretty far back. It was like a little cozy nest for him! Hopefully, this will help me loose the last of this annoying baby weight!

And I just have to post this adorable naked picture of Cruz! This is during out bath time yesterday...he just looked so cute I had to run and get my camera.


The Bells said...

SUCH a cute picture of Cruz! And I'm so sad that you sold your other jogging stroller...I gotta get one of those. Definetly sick of those last annoying pounds! You'll work yours off in no time pushing that double stroller! (Though I doubt you actually have any extra weight left).

Rachel said...

I have heard of that store but I have not been out there yet - love your table!!! I am going this weekend =).

Did you know that I am friends with Alyssa? Yep, Claire is over there today with Halle =). We need to all get together!!

Cute pictures, I love the one of the boys in the new stroller.

alyssa said...

hey girl, that was a great shower!! and i'm going on thursday!! hope to see you there!

About Kirsten said...

Hey! Thank you so much for the shout out on your blog! The table looks fabulous!! I'm adding your blog to my lists!-- Riffraff AND Kirsten Blowers Interior Design! Hope to see you again soon!

Michelle said...

Amy- Your boys are just little dolls! So handsome. What a fun weekend you had. I love that table.