Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitchen Queens and Crawfish Boil

This past Thursday I attended my first "Kitchen Queens" party. Its a group of girls that gets together once a month and makes a dish based on whatever the theme might be. Then everyone posts their recipe to the Kitchen Queen blog and you can add them to your own recipe box...very cute idea! This month was Italian food and a masquerade party. I made blackened chicken pizza and here is Maddox modeling my mask before I left:

Here is a group picture of all the girls that I stole off of the Kitchen Queen blog sight:):

Thanks, Rachel for inviting me! It was so much fun, can't wait till next month!

Saturday morning, David and I left our two babies and headed down to Little Rock for my sisters' annual Crawfish boil...lots of fun, however, I did NOT like the crawfish. The guys loved it...and Kendall! I think a whopping 65 pounds of crawfish was consumed!! Thanks to my mom and dad for watching my boys! It was my first time leaving Cruz overnight...surprisingly, not near as hard as the first time i left Maddox!

Crawfish before:

Crawfish after:

The guys worked on the crawfish all day!

Kendall, Me, and my sister, Kim modeling our "Pinch My Tail" cups!

David loving some crawfish!


Rachel said...

We are so glad you came too!! I am not a fan of crawfish either, but I always love a good party =)!!

That is great that yall got a night away!

Ruthanne said...

Crawfish? Not so much.

Now, a shrimp boil is a different story! ;D

Guess what?!?


(Insert lots of screaming and hopping around here)

I just bought a Nikon d60 this morning.

Kelly Watson said...

How much fun!! If we ever move up there... I want to hang out with y'all! :) Btw, you look like a supermodel in the picture of you three girls showing off the cups.

alyssa said...

fun pictures! love the mask!! it stinks that i missed it!! have a good spring break!!

Bridget said...

Maddox wears the mask so well :)

Alissa said...

I LOVE food to consume and cook, so I loved this entry! The kitchen queens is such a good idea and I am sure Kim's house was a laugh and a half! And I would just like to add that you look GREAT, why did you need the jogging stroller again!?!