Wednesday, June 30, 2010

OH ME, OH MY!!!!!

This past weekend we went to Little Rock for my nieces annual dance recital. We stayed at my sisters home. While I was here with my two favorite girls....

David was at Kims House dealing with THIS:Yes, you are seeing this correctly...that is my maddox COVERED in marker. I recieved these via text while at the recital. At first I thought..."of course, david is keeping a close eye on them! (sarcasm) Only HE would let this happen". I pictured David sleeping on the couch while maddox went wild in his cousins room.

Well, mean ole me...that is NOT what happened. David laid Maddox down for a nap in Margaux's room. He cried for a while then it got very quiet. David assumed he had gone to sleep. Instead he had decided to color himself. I can't help but laugh!!!! When David walked in he about died! Crazy kids keep us busy!


Jill said...

LOL!!!! Oh my gosh, I had to call my hubby over to look at that! Absolutely hilarious! I sure do hope you're still blogging when Maddox is a teenager! You're gonna have some really good stories!

CaseyLew said...

hahahaha! That is so funny!