Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ARGH, Happy Birthday, Maddox!!

I've been looking forward to throwing a pirate themed party since I found out I was having a boy! I finally got my dream! Maddox's 3rd Birthday party was last Saturday and we had a swashbucklin good time!!

I got his cake from Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe. Doesn't even look like a cake! I LOVED IT!!!
Here is some of the stuff we had outside:

oooops....why are these photos so little...sorry! haha! but this is the buckets I had painted for the kids to do a treasure hunt with. Anything they found they got to keep!
Here is where we had all of the buried treasure...there were rings, necklaces, compasses, treasure chests, coins, you name it! All buried in the sand!

And here is the sweet birthday boy! My lil pirate Maddox!

And here is the first mate, Cruz! He would NOT keep this adorable bandanna on his head...but isn't that smocked pirate john john the cutest!?

Argh, Ahoy Matey!

maddox is trying to show he is "3"!! Don't ask me why, but Cruz was obsessed with the wooden spatula he found in the kitchen. I think he must have thought it was a sword!

Maddox and the cutest girl pirate ever, cousin Margaux!

Me and my Pirate!

Okay, so before the party Auntie Kim decided to "get me back" for all of the crafty, thousand piece, annoying gifts I bought her girls when they were little. She bought my child frogs. Seriously. Another pet. If they weren't so stinkin cute I would be really mad!;)

Cruz LOVES them!
There are two in there...they are so little!

Time for the party to start! When the mates arrived we had tattoos, hats,swords, patches, and earrings for all. Everyone had to dress the part! Here is Jefferson modeling his tattoo.

Let the sword fight begin!

Ganmommy and Sloan:
Ashlynn getting her girlie pirate tattoo.

Time for the treasure hunt!

The loot:

Serenity, Heather, and their sweet babies!
Me and Rachel:

Time for the pirate pinata!

and now for the cake....it made me a little sad to cut such a work of art!!

Bestest Friends, Claire and Margaux:

Kiss from Gandad

PRESENTS! Maddox got some great stuff. There was definatly a theme for the gifts...MONSTER TRUCKS AND DIRT BIKES...you people know my boy well! He loved everything and thank you to all our great friends and families for taking time out of the busy summer schedule for coming. Maddox was thrilled!

And our gift was a Jeep Hurricane. I picked this car because it looked the most like a monster truck. His favorite. We gave it to him "Super Sweet 16" style. After the party, we had everyone run to the door to see what the big gift was...a new car. So rediculous, I know. This child is beyond spoiled!

Uncle mark (AKA: Peace) and cruz watching all the action!

And a SPECIAL thanks to TARA!! She took all of the photos for me! She did a great job, it was so nice not having to worry about getting all the moments captured. It allowed me to really enjoy the party, thanks girlie!


Kimberley said...

what a neat party, loved the theme! and yes, that cake was super cute!

Jill said...

That cake is amazing! Everything was so incredibly cute! That looks like every little boy's dream party. You're gonna have so much fun with the jeep. We got a power wheels 4 wheeler for Nathan just before he was 3 and the first thing he did was run it right into a wall. Hilarious! Watch your shins!

CaseyLew said...

Looks like all turned out well! Your hair is super blonde! I like it, took me a minute to figure out it was you:)

Ashley said...

LOVE the party theme! I always wanted a power wheel when I was young and never got one....when my son is old enough I am soooo getting him one too!

Alissa said...

I may be on bed rest, but I still seem to miss so much online! I did think of Maddox on his birthday and I am glad to see that he had a FUN party! Cute, Cute, Cute! Three is such a BIG number...