Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Bestest Friend Moved.

As you know from reading this blog, Amber is someone I spend MOST of my time with. We literally would see each other every single day! We work out at the same gym, take our kids to the same Mothers Day Out, go to the same church, both involved in Junior League, live in the same neighborhood...just a few blocks away.

I met Amber when I was pregnant with Maddox. We met at the Junior League Winter Dreams Home Tour in 2006. We had to work in the same house. She cracked me up the entire day. I remember telling David I had met the funniest girl!

It wasn't until I was preggo with Cruz that we became SUPER close...a lot of that due to the fact that she was pregnant to...and we were due only a month apart. We went through our entire pregnancies together. ( unfortunatly, the pics dating back to 08 I cannot find:( ). We went through having newborns together. We helped each other. Amber has always been there.

Last July Ambers husband left for training. He had accepted a job and had to leave for 6 months. Then Amber and I became more like family. Our kids were always together. We spent 4th of July together, we went to the pool together, carved pumpkins, planned birthdays, even spent Christmas Eve together. I love her!

Amber stayed in NWA while Josh was in Ft Worth working. She was waiting on her house to sell. Lucky for me, it meant more time for us to hang together! We always do things like suprise the other one with a Sonic Diet Coke, or a Krispie Kreme, or Einstien BAgel (we kinda love food!!). Every time she passed my house she honked her horn. Even my neighbors knew...it must be Amber!! Haha!

Well, the time came that Amber had to move and be with her hubby again. I am so happy for them, but miss her terribly already. I'm already planning my trip in August to see her!

Amber, thank you for being such a good friend to me. I love your family like it is my own. I wish you and Josh the best. I promise to keep in touch. I promise to visit! I love you girl!!

And Look at my babies saying bye to Ambers lil one, Saylor at the kids going away party. Break your heart.


Elizabeth said...

I do not have a blog, but I really enjoying read them and yours is one of my faves! Your boys are so cute and I love your style. I was wondering if you could tell me your hair secrets? From the looks of it, our hair is about the same length and thickness and I'm wondering if you use a curling iron or hot rollers? Sorry if that's too personal, I just had to ask! Thanks!

Ashley said...

This made me tear up!! ;(( So sweet Amy!!!!

Amanda Rooney said...

Oh My Word! I soooo feel your pain!!!

My BFF, Toi, was my college roommate. So we've been through each other's weddings, all of our pregnancies and babies, and our husbands worked for the same company for 5 years so we saw each other all the time. We've even traveled parts of the world together (due to hub's work).

And about two years ago they moved to Houston.Totally stinks. But we still stay in touch..texting, FB, calls, and visits!! I can't say "it's no different", but I can say that when we get together we pick up right where we left off!!

I'll be praying for you. It's a big life change to have your girlfriend move. But God is faithful and He is still on His throne!!


Oh - and P.S....if you come to Ft. Worth in August, I would love to meet up for lunch or something!!!

Alissa said...

Saddness! I know a plane ride is nothing like driving down the street, but at least you guys can visit...does this make you feel any better...probably not...I'm trying!

Jill said...

I'm sad for you! This post breaks my heart. It's just not very often that a friend comes along that you click with like that. Maybe she'll move back! :-) On a good note, if you can get her cute daughter to marry one of your handsome sons, you'll have lots of reasons to see each other! Hee-hee!

amywelborn said...

liz, send me your email...I will fill you in on my hair...and thanks...that is the best compliment ever!