Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monster Truck Show

Maddox has become OBSESSED with monster trucks. We watch Monster Jam on TV regularly (I had no idea tv shows about monster trucks existed until a few months ago), we play with toy monster trucks, when we want Maddox to take a big bite of food we say, "Take a MONSTER TRUCK bite!" (works every time), we live and breathe monster trucks.

So there was no doubt that we would take Maddox to see a real monster truck show. We have been checking dates regularly...and FINALLY...June 4th...Maddox got to go see a show...the REAL deal! I stayed home since it was the night before his party, but I'm sure Maddox didn't even miss me. There was a HUGE crew of kids that went along...Sloan, Margaux, Jefferson, Nick, Lily, Owen, Claire, Gavin, along with a bunch of dads (and grandad). BIG fun!!!Maddox's Favorite, BIGFOOT!!Lots of "redneck" activities...first up...autographs on your body with a sharpie marker.Oh yea!!Next, eating a big, disgusting turkey leg.They even got to ride in a real monster truck!Margaux, Claire, and O.

Maddox had such a blast...he came home with a new monster truck and a hideous t shirt...thanks Daddy for taking him and all his friends!


Jill said...

Looks like guy heaven...especially the giant drumstick! HA! That pic cracks me up! I can't even imagine how big and amazing those must've looked to his little eyes.

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