Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Know You Have Kids When....

Your house is constantly DESTROYED!!!!!

Look what I found today!!!!!!!!!!!


That got me to thinking of other things that I slowly notice around the
Handprints on the walls:

Scribbles on our fax machine.....

And last, but I'm sure not least...marks on your walls. When I asked Maddox where this came from he happily told me his "hot wheelie tires made the lines":Sorry, I know I'm in the middle of vacation blogging...but I just had to share this disaster(s).


Jill said...

ROFL!!! Oh noooooooo! Oh girl, I can SO relate! The other night, Kennedy was in bed and she called me and said "Mom, is it ok if I have marker on my face?" I was so tired I said "Ya, we'll clean it off tomorrow." Well, the next morning, I found marker on her pillowcase and sheets, too. Apparently her face wasn't the only thing she wrote all over.

So were you able to get it off the chair?

Amanda Rooney said...


Did the couch come clean?

Those kids...they do the darnedest things!! But when we're old and gray we'll totally miss those marks on the wall!! :)