Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This one is for you, Kim!

So my sister said I need to blog more, or at least get pics/video up of here's a pic I don't think she has seen. My sister sells Kelly's Kids clothing and I am a big fan. Here is one of the outfits I bought along with a matching scarf for the dog. Ridiculous I know! I bought it back when I still liked my dog:)! Times have changed, but at least I have a pic of the "good ole days" when I still included him as family:)!


Rachel said...

Too cute!!! It is so funny how our "first children" get the shaft after the babies are born! =)

Now Claire is into dressing our dogs and wants to dress them for halloween =)!

Cute picture as always!

Alissa said...

I just have to laugh b/c I know exactly where your coming from! Madd and Nash do make such a cute pair though :). I am also glad Kim has "requested" more blogging from you, we will all benefit. Nothing like a nudge from your big sis, just ask Julia-HA!!!

Bridget said...

You are too funny! Sorry we couldnt chat at church today you know how working the childcare goes. Sorry I couldnt make it to your shower Jim was out of town and I couldnt get a sitter. I saw a lot of pregnant girls today at church (it comes in waves again) makes me want to be pregnant again :)