Saturday, December 19, 2009

Loving some Christmas!

Last night we met up with my bff, Amber, and her kids at Tim's Pizza and took the kids to see the lights on the Fayetteville Square. Dinner took a good 2 hours, but thankfully our kids held up okay! The Fayetteville Square is covered in lights, there are also pony rides, camel rides, hot cocoa, Santa, and a real reindeer! The kids LOVED was freezing cold, but they loved it!

Here's me and the bestest friend around!

Here is Maddox and his future wifey, Saylor. We are so putting this in the wedding slide show! Adorable!

Huthchinson and Welborn Kids:

Hims is cold!

So today we took the boys to visit with Santa. Since Maddox TOTALLY gets that Santa brings you presents, he had no trouble sitting in his lap! Brother on the other hand...well, you can see for yourself! For some reason I love the red faced, tear stained, runny nose, screaming at the top of your lungs Santa pics! Priceless!

And he got his favorite, a CANDY CANE!

We also met up with our friends, The Browns, and had lunch at the mall and let the kids ride the carousel. Our mall has a great food court and the kids had a blast!

Now, I'm still working to get a video up of the boys with Santa, but of course blogger is so ANNOYING and HARD TO USE!!! Ugh!

In the mean time, if someone runs into my husband...make sure he knows his wife has been good this year and TOTALLY deserves an Iphone, K?! Thanks!


Brandi said...

OMG...too funny, I want an Iphone too! Your boys are precious!! Love the lights, awesome!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

such cute pics! and the santa pic, soo funny! that is definitely a keeper to show when he's older, haha! sounds like such fun times with friends! your little ones are adorable!!

Tara Gibson said...

awww love all the pics!