Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Disney World 2011 part 1

Gosh, I don't even know how to blog about this vacation! It was so long and we did so much that I just don't even know if I can put it all in here. We went for 8 days, which was nice. No rush to cram everything in!

I'll go ahead and explain why my pictures look so bad. My Nikon was giving me problems before we left. I just couldn't get a good, clear picture. Then on the second day at Animal Kingdom we were running to catch a bus. My backpack wasn't zipped, and my Nikon flew out and landed in two pieces!!!!! Now I can't get the lens to attach. It's really messed up. So most of the pics had to be taken with our phones!

Back to the trip, we left at 6 am on our flight. I had the kids dressed so cute....mickey ears, and shirts that said, "maddox/cruz first time to Disney World". Everyone was talking to them about where they were cute:).

You can just see how excited Cruz was!!

Maddox and Daddy:

We stayed at Disney Yacht Club. I really loved it. We had great views of the lake and were close to everything. We took bus rides to Magic and Animal Kingdom, and ferry rides to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Here are the boys after we flew in...we checked out our room and immediately headed to Magic Kingdom!!

Let me just take a to tell you how much my boys despise taking pictures. They could be having the time of their lives, laughing, jumping, playing....but the MINUTE I pull out my camera they get super mad and won't cooperate. Makes me SOOOOO mad! So with that said, here are the first pics in the Magic Kingdom:


I love Cinderella's Castle.

Maddox's favorite ride right from the start was Splash Mountain. Cruzy was too little to ride it so we hung out and had snacks. I just thought this picture was cute:)

PLUTO!!!!! I was so glad that the boys weren't scared of the characters. It was the opposite. They wanted to love and hug on them. It was so cute!

On to Day Two:

I had fun dressing the boys for this trip! Yesterdays shirts and day 2's outfits were from Etsy. I really loved Cruz's Mickey Jon Jon: ( he does too, can't you tell??)

We went back to the Magic Kingdom Day 2. First thing we saw in Tomorrowland was the race cars. The boys went crazy wanting to ride them. We had to measure cruz to see if he was big enough. When he was he said "YESSSSS!"....I got a pic of it:):

He thought he was BIG time!!! It was the jerkiest ride of my life!!

Maddox and Daddy:

Picture time....time to NOT cooperate with Mommy!!!!

Chip N Dale:


Maddox didn't even know who Stitch was, but it became one of his favorites. I think he like him because he was so crazy and always playing tricks on people. When Maddox got his autograph, Stitch grabbed his pen and started to pick his nose with it. Maddox thought that was awesome!:)

Family Pic on the Magic Carpets. Cruz loved this style of ride. You go up, in a circle, come down. He loved it!

It was so hot the first few days. Cruz BEGGED for one of these mister/fan things. Best $13 we spent. He played with it all day!

Jungle Cruise:

Okay, so we became obsessed with ALL things pirate. My kids LOVED Pirates of the Caribbean!!! I love (i mean hate) how Disney places gift shops right outside each ride, so the kids are all pumped from the ride, then you get off and there is all this merchandise that goes along with it!! UGH. I won't tell you how much we spent on pirate stuff.:/

Our first parade!!

Cruz was so cute waving at all the characters!

Disney is so magical. For real. It is. Like just when you think you've seen it all and its time to go, you round the corner and there is something else fun going on. Like this day, Cruz and I were strolling around and I heard a band, we went and found it and Cruz LOVED watching them. They were playing Disney songs from all the movies.

We headed back for a much needed rest. Cruz was passed out!!

Maddox watched the channel in our hotel that told you about all the rides and attractions at the Disney Parks:) (in his pirate stuff, of course)

Okay, that's only 2 days....well, 1 1/2 days really....see what I mean....this Disney blog may take me through the month of October!!!!!

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Jill said...

OMG...what a fun vacay! You are brave parents hittin up that place for 8 days! I would love to see Cinderella's castle too! It really does look like kid heaven. Can't wait to see more pics! (Major bummer about your camera, though. Sounds like it's time to go camera shopping.) :-)

Laura said...

Hi Amy-My name is Laura Bersoza and I found your blog through Asley's Avenue. I also have a son named Cruz and I thought it was neat to find someone else who had a son named the same thing. I was contacting you to see if you are ever interested in selling anything of his that is monogrammed I would be interested. My son just turned 1. Thanks so much!