Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last Weekend

We had a lot going on this past weekend and lots of fun. Friday David let me have a "Girls Day Out" and I went to the lake with a few girlfriends. We went out on a pontoon boat and laid out all day....so what I needed!
Saturday we decided to take Maddox out on the boat. He had so much fun. It was like a little play pen to him. He crawled around and played with the noodle floats. It was so hot, but the water is still really cold! Our goal for the outing was for me to learn to drive the boat, however, it didn't go well. David quit paying attention to where I was going and then all the sudden yelled for me to stop because I was about to hit where an island normally is (the water is up REALLY high from all the rain...so I had no clue). I decided I was done learning for now. It stressed me out! Maybe next time!
Sunday Maddox and I went to Little Rock for my friend Karyn's wedding shower. We stayed the night and went out with my sister and Margaux Monday. We took the kids to WonderPlace in LR...if you have one in your town or ever go to LR you MUST take your little one. It was the cutest place! There are all of these areas for kids to play in....water pools to play in, a pretend vet clinit, a "river market" to shop in, sand tables, play kitchens, craft rooms, I could go on! The kids LOVED it, you can run around and pretty much play with whatever you want. Maddox loved splashing in the water section! He also was into the the sand tables..... I can't wait to take him to the beach now! I'm going to post some pics later.....I wish I had taken a lot more!

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