Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pics from this weekend......

Here is my sweet baby playing on the boat....he loved the fun noodle!

Here is Maddox playing the the water pools at WonderPlace about 2 seconds before he fell off and rolled a good two feet...he only cried a second:)

We then moved him to the "baby" water table and he was just as happy...and a lot safer!

Maddox's first try at finger painting......

Margaux loved playing the vet....she had ex-rays of this dog and when we asked what was wrong she told us it was bad....."he has disease of the crock!".....whatever that is!! HA! She is hilarious!

And last, the sand table....can't wait to take this baby to the beach next month! He's already been twice, but now he can actually play and enjoy it!

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