Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy Weekend...

This weekend my sister and I threw a retirement party for my dad at her house in central Arkansas. He is retiring after 35 years in education. Anyways...we drove down Friday afternoon, got there at dinner time so we went and ate Shotgun Dans Pizza (yum!) and then my parents watched Maddox so David and I could sneak in a movie!

Saturday Kim and I ran around all day doing last minute things and David and Mark set up the backyard for us. We catered Whole Hog BBQ so we didn't have to cook anything...and Whole Hog is SO good! My sister friend Kendall made these awesome brownies for dessert. I think people where more pumped about the brownies that the bbq! Thanks Kendall. It was soo good to see friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I got to see my friends Mandy and Jana who are also both pregnant...Mandy is due in July, Jana November....4 days before me! How crazy is that! Maddox also got to play with his cousins and sassy little Ella...seriously, she is such a doll! Very entertaining! They loved the ice buckets!

We were all so exhausted after the party. We stayed up for a while playing with Sloan and Margaux, but when we went to bed I literally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! Sunday my sister and I did what we do best, SHOP. And the guys played golf. We left kinda late and went straight to bed again when we got home.

Today, Monday, David and I took Maddox to Fort Smith for his one year pictures. We get are pictures done at Raye Law Photography. She is amazing! She is going to post a few "teasers" on her blog soon, so I will let you know when and you will be able to click the link on this page to see my little punkin! He did so great today, he was so happy and smiled good! She does lots of great candid shots, which are always a favorite for me! I'm sure its going to cost me a small fortune...oh, well, so worth the memories!

We also let Maddox play in his new froggy pool this afternoon. He loves to play in water! Here is a pic from that as well!

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