Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Maddox!

Well, my baby is officially ONE! Wow...time does fly. It seems like only yesterday......oh, sorry, I won't bore you with that....
Anyways, Friday the 13th was his birthday. Most of the day was good, until we started practicing our walking that evening. My mom, David, and I were all trying to get him to take some steps before dinner time. He was doing great when all of the sudden he fell to his bottom and then just face planted. I scooped him up...he was screaming. I thought he bumped his head, until my mom noticed BLOOD. I freaked out! He had busted his lip. I think his teeth got the inside of it. It immediately swelled up! We tried to ice it, but he would not let us. Poor is a pic of his can tell he hit it right in the middle. What a birthday. I was so upset that his first birthday ended like that. AND, that is party was the next day and he was going to have a fat lip!

Saturday we had our "Cupcake" themed party. It was a fun day. We had lots of toys in the backyard for the kids to play with. Lots of bubbles, crawl tunnels, giant blocks, and the most popular....the water table he got from his cousins for his birthday. The kids were so crowded around this thing we though it was going to break. Maddox was right in the middle of them. He played with that thing for a LONG time. He was soaking wet in his birthday outfit.

After that...cake time...Maddox was so tired from playing that I didn't think he was going to make it to the Happy Birthday song! He was in a daze sitting with his little hat on! It was pitiful! He still went for the cake, but didn't eat any of it...just mashed it up! He had a Cupcake cake...and a mini on just for him...there are a few more pics below...I only wish I had gotten a group shot of all the kids together. We had about 8 kids and 3 babies. Lots of fun Saturday. Thank you to all who came!


Bridget said...

What a cute cake! I am sorry we missed the day we really wanted to go it looked fun. You did a great job with all the decorations (for being pregnant and everything) but thats being a WOMAN we DO IT ALL!!!

I hope Maddox lip is better at least no stiches :)

Lindsey said...

How cute is that giant cupcake!? I remember the first time I saw blood coming from my baby. It was the tiniest bit from a similar accident, but totally FREAKED!