Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's the pictures to go with my previous post:

Here we were trying to get a picture of the boys, Maddox wasn't having it!

Getting ready to go home. It was such a cold day, snow flurries when we left the hospital!

Big Brother Maddox was happy to welcome home Cruz!

However, we are learning not to steal paci's from Cruz:).

Maddox loves to hug and kiss on Cruz!

Maddox also likes to point to all the parts of the babies face. Its a little scary when he points to his eyes! Ha!

Here is Cousins Sloan and Margaux with Cruz. They love holding the baby!

Cruz is already addicted to the paci just like Maddox.

And just for fun, here is Maddox dancing to his singing snowman. He turns this on and dances to it several times a day! So entertaining!


Rachel said...

ADORABLE pictures!! I love that first one!!

Ruthanne said...

Great pics! I hope you're enjoying your day with just one!

Amanda (McNeely) Vestal said...

BOTH the boys are adorable!

Bridget said...

funny! I love the paci pics (Carson is addicted to the paci big time) Kelsey could care less. She just likes to steal them from anyone who has one. I also love Maddox dancing (if it keeps him busy and entertained) then great!!!
Looks like everyone is doing well!