Friday, September 4, 2009

Night with the Gals!

Thursday night=girls night OUT! My friend Amber and I have been trying to plan a girls night out for the longest time. We threw one together this week and finally got out of the house! We all met up at Table Mesa in of my FAVE's...if you go, order the chimivanga (yes, that's how it is spelled) is delish! Oh, and don't forget to order the YUMMY guac!

So who went with us? My friend Amanda (she is the mommy of Neely, who you have seen a million posts of, her and Maddox are big friends!), me, Tonya P. (who is a friend of ours from church), Ashley L (my newest bud and fellow blogger, I just love this gal!), Serenity (mommy to Ashlyn and Kheringtyn who have been on this blog many times!), and my girl Amber (also known as Maddox's second Mommy, she and I are always together and he always says "TWO MOMMIES!...ha!). Here is a picture of us at Table Mesa (what's up with my pose??):

Ashely took this picture below, so she's not in it:(...but below is Amber (on her cell..ha!), Serenity, Amanda, and Me all at the movies after dinner!

We went and saw "The Ugly Truth" was a funny one, but SUPER dirty! I felt guilty laughing some times...ha! What a fun ya, girls!


alyssa said...

looks like fun!! hope you plan another one & i will skip the football game :)

Snoodle Family said...

Girl you still look as pretty and as skinny as you did in High School...whats the secret? :) I am glad that you had a night out. I need to do that soon. My "nights out" usually consist of grocery shopping. LOL