Thursday, September 10, 2009

This morning I got both my sweet, sleepy heads up out of bed and took them downstairs for bottle, cup, and cartoons. As I was sitting there holding both my little angels, I couldn't help but start thinking how lucky I am. I even started to think about how I need to soak every minute like this in, they won't be little forever. I EVEN STARTED TO THINK, what am I going to do when they grow up and leave me...tear....I just love my sweet babies...just as I was thinking these sweet thoughts to myself, Cruz finishes his bottle and wants down to crawl......then...

Cruz pulls up to the table.

Cruz falls down.

Cruz cries and has a big bump on his eye.

Pick him up to console him.

Maddox wants some donuts.

Put Cruz down.

Get Maddox 2 donuts in a bowl.

Maddox dirties his diaper.

Maddox runs from me and tells me "ders no poo-poo!!".

I smell it.

I chase him.

I give up.

I get Cruz to feed him breakfast.

Too late, as I was chasing Maddox, Cruz found the bowl of donuts.

Maddox gets mad and jerks them away from baby.

Cruz is happy he got to sneak a few bites.

I decide to take picture for the blog of the cute bites.

Maddox cries for his donuts...see hand in picture.

I realize Cruz has made his was to the dog dish and is splashing in dog water.

Maddox still has a dirty diaper.

Feed Cruz breakfast as Maddox hides under the table so as to not get a new diaper.

Finish with Cruz.

Chase Maddox.

I win.

BAD diaper...ugh.

Where's Cruz?

Find him.

Cruz has a dirty diaper.

......need I go on......this was in less than 30 minutes time!!!!! And yes, this is a typical morning!


Ashley said...

Amy- I love you!! I love your life, love your boys.. just adore you! This post was the cutest thing ever! I just died laughing and kept wanting more and more and couldn't scroll quick enough!

Can't wait to hug those sweet sweet boys! I know Avery will be a toot like that one day soon. I can't wait for those moments!


Kim at Scarlett Boutique said...

I LOVE it, your boys are adorable! Those are the very times you will cherish more than anything else, you just don't know it yet!!

Amanda Rooney said...

LOL!!! I think every mother out there can relate to this post! Loved it!!

Mandy Bean said...

I LOVE this! You are too funny! And that picture of Cruz with donut all over his face - priceless. He looks so proud!!!

Alissa said...

Hillarious!!! Being a mommy is the best and yes these times will be some of the most missed as you know! By the way, love your new layout :)

The Bells said...

With mornings like these....I wonder, "How does Amy always look so pretty and put together?" I'm usually a hot mess and lucky if I get a shower on my days off -- and that's with ONE boy! Super impressive....

Leslie said...

That was a great post! Boys are a handful!!

Anonymous said...

Crack me up!!!! I had a morning like that with the twins a few wks ago. Woke to Blake having a total blow-out all over his crib....get him undressed and wiped down, but decided I'd better give him a bath, too...stood him up by the tub while I got the water temp right, and he pees in the floor...get the twins bathed and clothed...shook up B's formula with the cap loose, so formula all over kitchen...start to give Blake his feed, and behind me didn't notice that Lauren had lost the valve in her tippy cup and was shaking it like a salt shaker all over the new hotel's nice red sofa. That was in less than an hour. :)

Heather P said...

Girl you crack me up!!!