Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend Pictures!

Holidays around here are never celebrated just one have to drag the festivities out as long as possible! So my Halloween fun started on Thursday night with an awesome Girls Night Out! We all went to Las Fajitas to enjoy some Mexican food. We had so much fun there that we ended up at the most random place ever..."Boomers" for some dancing! It was the most fun I've had in a long time. Lots of laughing! Love my friends! We have the best times together!!

Here we are at Las Fajitas!

Rachel and I!
Me and my bestie, Amber!

Here we are outstide the restaurant and ready to head for some dancing!! Fun times!!
Our neighborhood always does lots of fun stuff for Halloween. So Friday night we met our friends, Chris and Marcy, and their two boys at the club for dinner. They had haunted houses set up so the kids played in those for a while (minus Maddox, he was too scared!). And then we took them on a haunted hay ride through the golf course. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but I may have made a mistake taking a 2 year old. Maddox buried his head in my lap the entire time! Wooops!!!

Cruz and I before the hayride!
The family hay ride picture:)
Kristian, Maddox, and Nikolaus on the hay ride Earlier in the week we carved pumpkins with my friend Amber and her 3 kiddos! Here are pics from that night:

Our cute pumpkins:
Here is Maddox and the Hutchinson kids after carving pumpkins!

For Halloween, Maddox was a Banana, Cruz was a Monkey. They had a blast trick or treating! Maddox was so excited to get candy and Cruz kept clapping his hands! They were SOOOOO cute!

Here is Maddox after getting a piece of candy!

Here are the boys...sorry for the blurry so hard to get a shot of them! they are both constantly on the move!My lil monkey...with pink eye:(Cruz got to eat one piece of candy....a 3 was a huge hit! He wanted lots more!!Maddox could have cared less about the actual candy. His first pick out of the candy he collected was pretzels! Followed by a popcorn ball...weird! I always want the sugar!

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween! Thanks for stopping by!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

haha, those pics are so cute! i love that he picked the pretzels and the popcorn ball! i would have gone straight for the sweets too=) (but babyboy does choose broccoli over other yummy food, ha, guess we taught them better than we taught ourselves! haha) your girls' nights sound and look like so much fun! love the pics of you and your cute fam too!

Christie Huggins said...