Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winter Dreams Paints the Horse!

As you guys know if you read my blog, I am chairing a fundraiser for the Junior League of NWA called Winter Dreams Tour of Homes. Winter Dreams will have 11 homes featured around NWA that you can buy tickets to tour. They are going to be beautifully decorated by each homeowner. It is about one month from today...December 6th to be exact. Lots of work has been done, but one of the most fun things so far was painting the horse at the Northwest Arkansas Florist.

Everyone who lives in this area KNOWS this gets repainted every month to advertise different events. We painted it BRIGHT green, with black and red....thanks to all the girls who came out and helped...we really did have fun...what do you think..did it turn out cute or what!!?

Just an FYI if you live around are $20 and the money helps to support our community work...I can get you a ticket if you are interested!


The Bertram's said...

I so noticed the horse and thought of you!! Ava looooves the green color, and comments on it every time we pass it - which is a lot. I can't believe you are chairing winter dreams - I am so proud of you. I know you have worked your booty off. I can't wait until Dec 6th. I will be there!

Ashley said...

These pictures are SO cute! What a great day to do that too!

Love ya!

Amanda Rooney said...

Love the bright lime green horse!! Hopefully it will draw lots of attention!! Too bad I don't live anywhere near NW Arkansas...I'd love to come!! :) Sounds a great opportunity for girls' day out! Rent a limo and go from house to house!! SA WEET!!