Sunday, February 7, 2010

Before I Forget...

Maddox has several terms he has made up for different items. He ALWAYS uses "his" words, and we just know what he means. Anyone else may be just to clear it up, here is a little dictionary of Maddoxisms:

Army Stick: this is his word for "gun".

Red Shooting: this is a little red gun he has that shoots arrows. Hence the name, "red shooting".

B Snack: since Maddox could talk, he has always refferred to fruit snacks as "b snacks". Still does! Still don't know why!

Baby Milk: when Maddox asks for baby milk, it means he wants warm milk. The only way I can figure out where this came from is that when Cruz was born, he always had warm bottles. We would say, "that's the baby's milk". So Maddox wanted his the same, and the phrase "baby milk" was coined:).

Peace: this is what Maddox calls his Uncle Mark. A while back Mark was trying to teach Maddox to say Peace and I guess Maddox got it all confused. He has called him Peace ever since that day!

Check back, I just KNOW I'm missing something....I may be adding more:). But I just had to get this down before I forgot. This blog is like his baby book!


Tara Gibson said...

hahah the peace one cracks me up! what a cutie

Anonymous said...

Ha ha how sweet! I love that you call them "Maddoxisms" ;) Hope you're staying warm this winter! xoe

Debbie said...

We are forming an Arkansas Bloggers group and would love for yo to link up to that. The link to the information is on my blog. The page itself is under constructions but should be up soon. Come check it out. There are absolutely no obligation