Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lil Bit

I'm sitting here at my computer with my one year old, Cruz, in my lap....he's just about to drive me nuts, cute lil thing! So hard to blog when he's not napping! He LOVES messing with any and all technology. So when I sit down to the computer...he comes running!!!

I've been meaning to do an update on my lil guy for a while now! We'll start with his one year appointment. (Which was about 2 months late! Oops!). Last Monday we went to the dr. for a check up and his one year shots. Cruz does NOT like the doctor. He cries when they weigh him, when they measure him, when they look at him...he hates it all!! So needless to say it was not fun for either of us!
I know my lil Cruz is tiny, but when he weighed in at 19 lbs and 11 oz at almost 14 months...I was shocked! He's so tiny! On the chart he is in the 3% for weight. They decided it was time to fatten this baby up. We are now making his bottles (yes, still haven't weaned him off the bottle) with half PediaSure and half whole milk. This is suppose to add tons of calories. And he loves it! His bottles taste like milkshakes now!
So then he got his shots, which was totally heartbreaking. THEN, they decided to test him for anemia because of his size. So I had to take my screaming baby to the lab to get poked again...but this time he got a sucker...and that made it all better! (and no anemia!)
If you have followed my blog from the beginning of Cruz's life, you know that we have been seeing a pulmonoligist since he was about 6 months old. He had lung problems from the beginning and had to be put on thickener and inhalers. He has been doing great, but we had to go for a check up this Monday. Again, Cruz cried about every little thing they did....weight check, measure, blood was all a nightmare to Cruz!
But the good news is in one week he went up to 20 pounds! The doctor was very happy with how his lungs sounded. And we do not have to go back for 6 months. She thinks that after the next check up we may get to take him off his medicines! Yay!
So that's the latest on the health of my lil bit, Cruz-y! And of are a few pics!


Jill said...

He is soooo cute! I think he looks just like his momma! Glad you got through all his appointments. He's a wee one now, but watch, he'll end up being 6'4" when he grows up. :-)

Traci Fritz said...

My kids are peanuts too! Anderson only weighed 20 lbs at a year and Ava didn't hit 20lbs until nearly 18 months. It just makes them that much cuter! ;) Cruz is such a doll!

Amanda Rooney said...

Soo cute!! Goad to hear things went well with the pulmonoligist! We're just now startin' that road. Not exactly fun times. But good reports always make Happy Mommies!! WooHoo!!

The Sweet Life said...

He is too cute...that smile is contagious!

Mandy Bean said...

He is adorable, Amy! I love that he's so little! Grady will be 2 in April and weighed in at 22 lbs yesterday. (He can't have dairy so doesn't get many calories) I hope the Pediasure works for you...let me know how it goes. I need to do something to get this one growing too!