Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick Kids = No time to Blog!!

Oh my!! Where do I start with the week I have had?! Last Tuesday David left for a work trip in the Dominican Republic. Of course I was not super excited to be a single mom for a week, but was sure I could handle it.

The day David left, Maddox woke up with a runny nose...no big deal. Wednesday, it was a little worse. Thursday Maddox was sick with a full blown cold. He felt so bad we skipped Kindermusik that morning. That afternoon I had to take BOTH kids by myself to the pediatritian for Cruz's 2 month shots. Not fun! When we got home, my mom was waiting in the drive to come help me out for the rest of the night. I made dinner, sat Maddox down, and he began to cry super, crazy hard. I let him get down from his chair and decided I would try to feed him a little later. About 10 minutes later, Maddox was throwing up all over my kitchen floor. He continued to do this for about 5 more times in the same hour! Now we were REALLY sick! Not to mention that poor baby Cruz was also congested and now running a fever from his shots!

Thank God for my mom, who stayed the night to help and took off work the next day too. Friday afternoon we went to the doctor. As we pulled in the parking lot, Maddox threw up all over his clothes, which got all over me. Needless to say, no one was happy to see us walk in the waiting room. I could tell everyone pulled their child in a little closer to stay away from us!!

At home, we were trying so hard to keep all germs away from Cruz! Maddox kept throwing up through Saturday. He was the most lifeless little thing you've ever seen. So sad! I was so ready for David to get home! I was mentally and physically DRAINED!

Monday, Maddox got "sick" again, we made yet another trip to the doctor (thats 3 times in 5 days, if your counting). I was getting really worried. However, doctor was sure Maddox was almost well, and not dehydrated at all.

Today we woke up and I could tell Maddox was feeling much better. He has been eating a lot more and actually played with his toys today. This is pretty much the first day we haven't had Noggin on all day with Maddox laying on the couch. Praise the Lord!

So a BIG thank you to my mom! Thanks so much for staying with me and helping with the boys. And thanks to my dad, who promptly delivered Pedialyte when needed...and Olive Garden when we were hungry:)!

OH, as for Cruz's 2 month appointment....he is ABOVE the 95% for height (big surprise), and 50% for weight. Maddox was always 95% for both, so Cruz is a little skinnier:)! He is healthy, smiling, cooing, holding his head up really good, and makes great eye contact. He loves to watch brother!

Maddox is saying so many words now, I'm not sure I could think of all of them to list. One impressive thing (to him mom, at least!) is that he knows the shapes "oval" and "heart", and he can say both. It is wierd to me that he learned these first. I'm sure it means he is going to be a child genius!;)

No pics this week, believe me, you don't want to see what's been going on around here!


Traci Fritz said...

I sure hope you are all feeling better! What a terrible week! We were all sick here too but at least we only had the cold/fever and no throwing up! I totally can relate to how hard it is being a single mom. Dan traveled every week for 2.5 years. feel better soon!

Rachel said...

OH AMY!! I feel your pain!! I am glad that he is feeling better and yall have not gotten it!! Let me know if you need anything!

Michelle said...

Sorry the kids have been sick! Moms are great aren't they! glad things are perking up. Take care of your self and take a day off! LOL