Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Weekend

We had a busy weekend! Especially Mr. Maddox, he got to do LOTS of fun stuff this weekend. Friday my parents took him to the Rogers basketball homecoming. It was his first basketball game ever. Mom and Dad said he was mostly into the band and cheerleaders. And he also wondered why he couldn't go play with all the balls that were on a rack down on the court! That night Davids dad was in town for a quick visit, so when Maddox got back he got to play with his Grandpa Mike.

Saturday was Valentines Day and we decided to go do something fun as a family. Since the weather was pretty we took Maddox and Cruz to the Gentry Drive Thru Safari. I had never been, but didn't expect much...however, it totally exceeded my expectations! There was a HUGE petting zoo area. Maddox got to play with goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, even kangaroos! He was not at all scared of anything! He got right in the animals faces and would talk "baby talk" to them. He practically fell in love with one goat in particular and kept trying to kiss it! The ducks were the scariest, believe it or not! One bit Maddox's finger and he just said "OH NOOOO" tears:).

The drive thru was great too...LOTS of land to cover. I'm not even sure we saw it all. Maddox had a blast...Cruz got a good nap:).

If you look close, you can see this Kangaroo has a baby in the pouch!

Okay, so next time I will not pack goldfish and cheerios in my diaper bag...goats followed David and Cruz around the whole was SOOOOOOOOOOO funny!

This was one gross pig, other kids were running from it, not my boy!


Go Hogs!

Check out those teeth!:)

Ooooooops! We saw this a little too late! Ha!

When we got back, Maddox and Cruz opened their Vday gifts from us:

Valentines Night we put the kids down and I made a special fondue dinner for just the two of us (well, until Cruz woke up...then it was just the 3 of us!). It turned out good...never had tried it before, but it was a lot of fun. We exchanged our gifts...I got a Ipod Nano (now I'm not going to be embarrassed and hide my punie mp3 player under my shirt sleeve!!) and I got David "Guitar Hero". We stayed up LATE playing this thing...well, I think it was 11pm, but that's like 2 am to me! (times have sure changed!).

Today, Sunday, we took Maddox to see "Bob the Builder Live" at the Walton Arts Center. It was so cute, our first live show! Maddox did really good through the whole thing. He wasn't yelling or dancing like some of the other kids. He was more in amazement I think. Too cute! Below are some pics of us at the show. I feel the need to point out that we shelled out $45 in souviniers...Maddox got a TWENTY DOLLAR plastic hat and a TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR light spinner....we are such suckers for that kid!

And thanks to all who sent my boys valentine cards and goodies!! Maddox enjoyed his cards...and Cruz's!


Alissa said...

BUSY, but lot'e of fun! I like the petting zoo, I am glad you guy's were able to enjoy the weather :)

Ruthanne said...

Man, y'all had a packed weekend! We are fans of Bob the Builder too. :D The zoo looks like it would be a blast to go to. Love the zebra shot! Too funny.

Rachel said...

Yall had a fun weekend!! We love the Gentry zoo, it is soooo Arkansas, but sooo fun =)!! Cruz is too cute smiling!! Maddox is cute as always!!

Lindsey said...

OMG! Those animals are crazy! Ana would LOVE that! I can't believe Maddox got that close to the kangaroo and her joey! Fun!
And, once you've attended a few live shows, you'll become wise and get the hard hat at Target and wear it in the door! :) That way you can afford the $15 snow cone! HA!