Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Ice Storm and Superbowl

I am so bad at blogging. I think about posting all the time, but don't actually find the time to do it. I can't figure out how some people keep the most awesome, detailed blogs and post everyday. I wish I could do that!

So anyways, below are some pictures of Madddox playing out in our backyard during the ice storm. He slipped and fell all over the place, but had the time of his life. He did NOT want to come in. He was red faced and soaking wet and just wanted to keep playing. He loved breaking icicles off and playing ball with Nash, our dog.

Maddox hated this hat just as much as David:)

Playing with icicles.

Maddox and Nash trying to dig out the frozen ball.

My sweet boy;)

Cruz and his first snow!

Maddox had a fit when we made him come in!!!

Northwest Arkansas was hit so hard by the ice storm! So many trees are broken and still patchy ice in the shaded areas. Our driveway is STILL iced never sees the sun. One of the main roads leading to our neighborhood has so many limbs littering the sides it makes it hard for 2 cars to pass each other. Hopefully is will all be cleaned up soon!

Superbowl Sunday we had our friends the Hutchinsons over. Maddox had so much fun playing with Jefferson and Sadie. Cruz and Saylor are about a month apart, so they took turns crying, eating, and being super cute! Cruz is going to have so many little girlfriends...all of my friends who have had babies recently ALL had girls! Here are some pics of the kids...

Saylor & Cruz

Maddox eating his football cupcake.

Jefferson, Saylor, and Cruz

Sadie and Maddox spent alot of time coloring!

This has got to be one of the cutest babies ever!! She is such a doll baby!!!


Ruthanne said...

Man, y'all still have ice?!?

I think the hat is adorable! :D

Alyssa said...

Hey Amy! I'm visiting your blog from the Cole's. I guess we have a lot of mutual friends but we've never met! I just LOVE Amber's kids too! I think you were having your baby during Amber's shower???? Anyways, nice to "meet" you : )

Alyssa said...

I would love to help with anything for Serenity's shower. Please let me know!

allie said...

You are a GREAT blogger! I can't believe you find the time to do all you do with TWO babies! I can hardly do it with ONE! So there! :) Hope you guys are well...i've loved watching maddox grow through your blog and can't wait to watch cruz too!

Bridget said...

I like that hat!!!

Alissa said...

I am glad Maddox got to enjoy the ice. And thank goodness he did, I bet you were ready to get out of the house for a second! Cruz is just growing and changing with every week, such sweet boy's!