Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys

Oh my life with BOYS!! In this house, I'm Queen Bee....2 boys, a hubby, and even a male dog! Everyone is rough and tough and super gross...besides me;)! Even Cruz thinks its funny to make "gassy" sounds by blowing his mouth on our leather couch!! starts so early!

So with this post, I thought I would talk a little bit about my boys and catch you up on how they have all been doing!

  • (Sorry, I must brag here....) I was told by his teacher at Mothers Day Out this week that he is very smart for his age and always knows answers to questions at group time. So much so that they have to tell him to let other kids have a turn because he is always quick to yell out an answer! Ha!!

  • Maddox's moble progression has gone from rolling over, to crawling, to walking, to running, to scooter riding. Seriously. He rides his scooter through the house to get where he needs to go. Even if it is only 3 steps away. He gets on his scooter and pushes hisself where he needs to go! Santa did good on that gift!
  • Maddox already watches out for his little bro. The other day another little boy was dangling toys in front of Cruz's face trying to play with him. For whatever reason, Maddox did NOT like that and promptly yelled at the little kid "HEY!! YOU HAVE TO BE NICE TO MY BROTHER!!!!!".

  • Maddox is not at all interested in potty training. In fact, he will tell you...he prefers a diaper!! What am I going to do!?

  • And, he still sucks a "taci". Thats our word for pacifier. Nothing I say can convince him to give it up! I'll try "maddox, big boys don't suck on a taci...", to which maddox replies, "I not a big boy, I just a lil boy". I've even tried to bribe him by doing his favorite thing...going to Target and getting to pick out any toy he wants. He MUST love a taci to pass that up!


  • Hims is still little! (I say "hims" when I'm talking about my lil guy...don't ask me why). At one year he only weighs 19 pounds!!!!! Hims is my little runt!

  • Cruz is a more all!!! Watch out Maddox!!!

  • Hims still gets really upset when I have to leave him. As soon as we walk into church, mothers day out, or the gym, he immediatly looses it. Breaks my heart. But kinda makes me feel he REALLY loves me;).

  • The boy loves to go outside. I can't wait until Spring!! He really loves to be pushed around in this car:


  • They are playing together more and more. It is so cute to watch them. But you can't take your eyes off of them...or else someone is throwing something and someone elses head.

  • Maddox wants to play "tackle" so bad with Cruz. It is so scary. I constantly have to remind Madd that Cruz is still just a lil guy, and you can't tackle him...yet.

  • Nothing melts my heart more than when they "love" on each other. So sweet.

  • And now that we have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, we decided it was time to put all those "baby" toys up in the attic. Here's just a small portion of what we had to put away. Of course when the boys realized what we were doing they were suddenly very interested in playing with it all again....


  • AKA, the red headed step child, AKA, my dog. You will rarely hear me talk about this member of the house. Although, long before children, my pug/boston terrier mix dog WAS my baby!

  • What does Nash like to do? Poop on my deck. Chew up my kids toys. Throw up on my seat cushions. Squeeze through my fence and run away.

  • What does he think about the kids? Nothing. No interest. UNLESS they have food. Oh....and he likes to howl when they cry or laugh.

  • But just so I'm not totally leaving him are a few pics....

I used to be so obsessed with my dog I dressed him up. Here he is about 4 Christmas's ago:

And I used to pose for pics with him too. Look at how much we loved him. Kind of sad things changed. I need to go watch Marley & Me...that always makes me appreciate him more....


  • David is working hard as usual. Squeezing in playing golf with his new clubs whenever possible.

  • Still hunting. Brought home 2 ducks last weekend. Gross. Gutted them and cut them up in my house.

  • Davids company has rewarded him with a trip next month. We are going to Playa Del Carmen. Yay!
And just so I don't leave David out is a picture of him at the Razorback game with Maddox....Wooooooo Pig Soooie!!

So there is a quick catch up on my boys. I'm sure I'm forgetting some good stuff....maybe I'll update more as it comes to me!!....


Jill said...

Cute update and I love how you say "hims." I say that too. That is the funniest looking dog costume I've ever seen! Hilarious!

it's such a perfect day... said...

Hilarious update Miss Amy!! I LOVED the part about Nash!! oh, and his dress up picture!... You have quite the fun household right now with those presh little boys!

Tara Gibson said...

love this post and thats the first i have seen of your dog! he is precious : )

Alissa said...

I love life with boys, isn't it great?!? Thanks for the update on all of them. And Brad hunts LOTS. Duck hunting is his VERY fave, so I haven't seen much of him on the weekends lately :) And girl, I make him leave all the ducks he kills with another guy, b/c I have NO idea what to do w/ them. I kept cooking them for our dogs-HA! Let me know if you get any good recipes.

Rachel said...

Hi! I love your blog! I have three boys! Boys are so precious! I am a total girly girl and always wanted girls..but God had a different plan! :) Blessings!

Christie Huggins said...

Love reading your blog. Your boys are just adorable and definitely entertaining!! ;)

Christie Huggins said...

Love reading your blog. Your boys are just adorable and definitely entertaining!! ;)